NOW 10 – Autumn ‘87: Justin Quirk

Autumn 1987 and the pop world is at a crossroads. Some of music’s Big Names are in need of some inspiration, trends were fast moving and the decade that brought us a plethora of pop glitz and glamour was looking for some direction to the next chapter.
As always, the NOW! team were on hand to gather up all that was happening across the charts and NOW 10 provides a fascinating snapshot of a very distinctive moment in time – both in the world of culture and beyond.
From Freddie Mercury’s grandiose operatic Olympic opening to M/A/R/R/S cutting and pasting up the rulebook of dance through a variety of 80s ‘sophistipop’ and not forgetting a sizeable gathering of shiny Glam Metal stars, this volume certainly had it all!
Join Justin Quirk, writer of ‘Nothin’ But A Good Time – The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Glam Metal’ and myself as we navigate the hits, misses and memories of NOW 10 and autumn 1987.
Find out why metal and disco are more closely linked than you may think, what makes Bananarama a national treasure, what happened to a-ha’s video mannequins (yes, really!) and what really turns a Festive Fairtytale into a Christmas Classic.
And , we’re still not expecting a callback from Hue and Cry…


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