NOW 13 – Autumn ‘88: Pete Paphides

It’s November 1988, and the latest chapter in the successful NOW compilation series is launched – and looking at the cover, it really is heading out of this world!
And what an interesting period Autumn 1988 was! Shiny pop classics from the likes of Yazz, Erasure and Brother Beyond rubbing shoulders with seasoned artists rediscovering the glories of the charts – that’s you Bryan Ferry, The Hollies and Tom Jones!
Meanwhile new and exciting dance acts were looking to the next decade with Inner City, Bomb the Bass and The Beatmasters flying the dancefloor flag. Oh, and did we mention ACIEED?
Rap was (weirdly) looking back to the 60s and several experienced acts of the 1980s were having a slight ‘identity crisis’. What do you do, when you’re not really the Next Big Thing anymore?
Join author, journalist and broadcaster Pete Paphides as we explore an LP packed with interesting tracks that tell an even more interesting story of pop as the eighties began to draw to a close. And having Pete onboard, we also discuss his exciting new record label Needle Mythology and his wonderful 2020 biography ‘Broken Greek’ – a story of chip shops and pop.
Find out how the Isley Brothers infiltrated (at least) three tracks, what makes a classic Big Eighties Ballad, the band that were auctioned off to Stock, Aitken and Waterman, which artists on NOW 13 have ‘the kindest faces’ and what links Trevor and Simon and Wee Papa Girl Rappers.
And find out why Hue and Cry probably won’t be returning our calls.


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