NOW 11 – Spring ‘88: Mark Wood

It’s Spring 1988 and pop music is BIG once again!

And as always, NOW That’s What I Call Music is there to capture the charts in all of its late 80s bombast as symbolised by Volume 11 and THAT wonderful, mirrored skyscraper cover.
The Pet Shop Boys are reigning supreme in their imperial phase, the girls are conquering the charts from Kylie to Belinda and Vanessa to Sinead.

But change is in the air as the decade draws to a close and as the BPM increase so does the excitement – a whole side of House signals that dance music has the charts and the UK under arrest!

Join music compiler Mark Wood and I as we revisit his musical influences and why NOW11 is such an important time capsule for him.
Along the way expect starring roles for Kylie, Bomb the Bass, Blondie and The Wombles (!) and find out all about one of Mark’s biggest musical passions – what The Guardian describe as ‘Britain’s Greatest and Strangest Nightclub’ – Duckie.

I Know You’re Gonna Dig This!





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