NOW 17 – Spring ‘90: Michael Mulligan

1990 – A new decade dawns and with it comes a genre-bursting variety of pop opportunities. Dance, Indie….Indie dance!

Whilst the top of the artist album charts celebrated classic artists such as Phil Collins, Elton John and the Carpenters, the first full year of the compilation chart was exploding with an eclectic mix of dance -and the Top 40 singles chart was becoming increasingly exciting, varied and fast moving as the decade took shape – and NOW17 took a great snapshot of it all!

Joining me for this episode is Michael Mulligan.
Michael has made a name for himself working in all manner of music retail, lending his expertise as a consultant for record labels and mining the archives for overlooked gems. He is also the author responsible for books including ‘The Story of NOW in 100 artists’, published to celebrate, not surprisingly,  the release of NOW 100. And most recently, Michael contributed the insightfully crafted sleeve notes to the soundtrack reissue of Julien Temple’s 1986 film adaptation of Absolute Beginners.

So, come back to Spring/Summer 1990 and celebrate how the decade memorably kicked off. Expect starring roles from Erasure, Depeche Mode, Candy Flip, The Charlatans, Beats International, Cliff, Des Lynam (!) and why Sydney Youngblood won’t be returning our calls!





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